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Authorized After Sales Service FAQ

What is your mailing address?
The Service Center, c/o SWM
1024 Reservoir Ave
Cranston, RI, 02910
How do I send in my watch for repair? Do I need any sort of number?
To send in your watch for repair please package it up securely and include a note stating what you would like done, or the problem you are having, plus all of your contact information including name, phone number, and complete mailing address. If your watch is under warranty please include proof of purchase, which may be a properly filled out warranty card or sales receipt showing when and where the watch was bought. Some brands require a shipping and handling charge for warranty repairs, please check your instruction manual, our service centers page, or contact us at for that information.
What can I use for proof of purchase?
All authorized retailers should have filled out the warranty card completely. If they did not do this then a copy of the original sales receipt from the authorized retailer will suffice. Without proper proof of purchase verifying when and where the watch was purchased some brands do not permit any warranty work to be done on their timepieces. This is to insure that the watch was purchased from an authorized retailer and that the watch has not been tampered with and is a genuine product. Many unauthorized retailers purchase bulk defective watches from dealers going out of business or previously worn watches and try to assemble a single new one. Luminox has the highest standards for their dealers and this process protects both the retailer and consumer
Do I have a warranty if I didn’t purchase my watch from an authorized retailer?
In most cases the answer is unfortunately no, but always be sure to check with your retailer before sending it in for repair.
What is the warranty on my watch?
  1. Luminox: 2 years
  2. Mondaine: 2 years
  3. Edox: 2 years
  4. Claude Bernard: 2 years
  5. Victorinox Swiss Army: 3 years
  6. Torgoen: 4 years
  7. Bathys: 2 years
  8. Deep Blue: 1 year
  9. Glycine: 2 years
  10. Szanto: 2 years
  11. CT Scuderia: 2 years
  12. Hudson River Watch Company: 2 years
  13. M. LaHart: 2 years
  14. Mercedes Benz Watches: 2 years
  15. Swarovski: 2 years
What is covered by the warranty?
Manufacturer’s warranties typically cover manufacturer’s defects and the running of the watch. The crystal, case, strap, bracelet, stem and crown and battery are not covered under the warranty. Please check your instruction manual, our Service centers page, or email us at for more details.
Should I send in any money with my watch? How will I be contacted with an estimate?
Some brands require a shipping and handling payment for warranty repairs so please check either your instruction manual, the service centers page here, or email us at We will send an estimate out within 1-5 business days of repair by email or US postal service. You can always call 3-4 days after you believe we received your watch and we will be happy to review everything with you.
What are the costs associated with my repair if it is not covered under warranty?
We will email you with a complete estimate once we have evaluated the watch for the repairs needed. We cannot provide any estimate before actually seeing it and having one of our technicians checking it out first.

To insure everything is priced and estimate properly one of our customer service representatives will evaluate the watch upon receipt and confirm all prices. If there is no approved amount on the form then an estimate will be sent to you. If the amount of the repair is greater than the approved amount or if no amount is provided then an estimate will be sent to you. You may also call us at 401-946-0920, or email us at 3-4 days after we receive your watch and we will be happy to assist you with providing your estimate that way.